Pink Tank Events Royal Queensberry Championship Miss Universe Australia





The modern day Australian Royal Queensbury Championship, loosely based on the time honoured “Queensberry Rules” derived in London in 1743, has been created, and enhanced by Pink Tank Events for three key reasons;

  • The Challenge: It takes corporate Australia out of their comfort zone and provides them with an intense, emotional challenge, in a safe environment, that is life changing on a multitude of levels.
  • The Entertainment: It has been proven that there is no “top-end of town”, black tie event quite like this one. It’s near impossible to replicate the constant excitement; from the participants’ grand entrances to watching your colleagues rise to never imagined heights. All of this in a setting worthy of an international, world-title event.
  • The Charity: To raise money for Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children through children’s charity ToyBox International. There is nothing like asking people to put their hands their pockets when they are having a great time.At each event 20 brave corporate boxers, male and female, with no previous fighting experience, 11 weeks of training under their belts, jump into the ring in front of 1,500 of the city’s A-listers, media and sports lovers.

    Red carpet arrival, champagne, the best cuisine, unique entertainment of 10 bouts and 20 competitors, brothers, sisters, friends, colleagues, 3 by 2 min intense rounds, entrances worthy of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa, glamorous entourage, sometimes blood, always sweat and sometimes even (happy) tears.

    To register your interest as a boxer for 2018, email INFO@PINKTANKEVENTS.COM.AU