DIANA HILLS - @dianahills
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Hospitality & promotions, studying bachelor of Journalism
ABOUT ME: “I’m from the Central Coast of New South Wales. I am currently studying a bachelor of Journalism with the hope of one day becoming an entertainment tv or radio presenter. Through my personal blog “Every Body” I hope to normalise discussion around mental health and personal struggles. I am extremely passionate about body positivity and believe that every body is different.”


LILLY MOREAU - @lilly_moreau
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: Student & Model
ABOUT ME: “I was born on the beautiful Central Coast in NSW. I am your girl next door, I love spending time with my horses and competing them at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I am currently studying a bachelor of psychological science and I would love to empower and educate our youth about bullying and mental health.”


ROSY REILLY - @rosymaereilly
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Kindergarten Teacher & studying Bachelor of Education
ABOUT ME: “I am from the beautiful Northern Beaches in Sydney. I am a very bubbly, outgoing, approachable and genuine person and always make sure I stay true to myself. I am currently a full time university student, studying a bachelor of education for ages birth to twelve while working causally as a kindergarten teacher. I am extremely passionate about promoting individuality, confidence and self love.”


TASHA ROSS - @tasha_rossxx
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Model, PT & Wedding Event Assistant
ABOUT ME: “I’m a business graduate, full time model and a spokesperson for the Endometriosis Australia organisation. I advocate for being raw, real and relatable on my blog and I love to show the universe that you can overcome any obstacles thrown at you. This photoshoot was an obstacle for me as being born with both Talipes and Endometriosis means that I find it difficult to run on sand and I previously feared getting into a bikini!”


AGE: 19
OCCUPATION: Medical Student
ABOUT ME: “I’ve been born and bred in the heart of Australia- The Australian Capital Territory (ACT). I’m a full time medical science student with the ambition to further my studies as a Trauma surgeon in the field of medicine. I work part-time in my family’s social enterprise- GG’s flowers, and I also work as a personal carer for people spanning infants to the elderly who have special needs. I am your quirky, relatable Aussie girl next door. I strive to create and be a voice for Australia to live through; advocating for the rawness and reality of life and its representation particularly across social media. Despite personal struggles and adversity I am a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, cheerful person who wants to empower everyone to be a Boss, Boss and Boss through the ups and downs of life.”


VERONICA CLOHERTY - @veronicacloherty
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Hospitality Manager
ABOUT ME: “My passion is to create and communicate the importance of meaningful connections. Mental health is an issue facing many young Australia’s and I believe that meaningful relationships can bring us closer to each other and our community. I am so excited to announce I have received my first ever role in a feature film. It's empowering to help give life to a creative vision, its even more special when it combines both my passion for acting and advocating for mental health. I hope to inspire and empower young women to help others through their personal and professional life pursuits because when you think you’ve done all you can you can always do more.”


CLAIRE PARKER - @clairendezvous
AGE: 27
Model, Actress & Personal Trainer
ABOUT ME: “For the last 10 years I have worked as a model both locally & internationally. I hold qualifications in Fashion Design, Screen & Stage Acting & Personal Training - where my greatest passion lies, in helping people achieve a better quality of life, mentally & physically. I truly believe exercise is the best medicine & am a huge advocate for its benefits, particularly in regard to mental health issues, being something I’ve struggled with my whole life. I work with at risk adolescent girls in local schools running empowerment programs which aim to set life goals, build self esteem & body positivity, promote positive social interaction & learn healthy coping mechanisms, through health and fitness. See ya in the gym yo!”



ISABELLA EPSTEIN - @bella_epstein
AGE: 21
Law Student
ABOUT ME: “I’m studying a double degree of a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and International Studies. I am passionate about the development of human rights and am pursuing a career in this field. I’ve been lucky enough tolive and work overseas, and was recently awarded a fine art scholarship in Florence Italy. On the weekends you can find me out exploring, hiking and camping in the Gold Coast Hinterland, scuba diving or in the kitchen baking up a storm.”


JOHANNA HOLZMANN - @johannaholzmann
AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Qantas Flight Attendant
ABOUT ME: “I am a flight attendant for Qantas! I love travel and adventure and I am lucky that my job allows me to travel around and meet some incredible and interesting people... and every day is new and exciting, You never know what you’re going to get! I always strive to stay authentic and true to myself and others and that will never change despite this exciting and crazy life of mine.”


KATE RADIN - @kateradin
AGE: 21
Criminology Student
ABOUT ME: “I grew up on a lime orchard south east coast of Queensland. I’m currently studying a degree in Criminology as I am passionate about helping people who have suffered from domestic and family violence. I consider myself a very caring and determined person that is up for any challenge. My greatest achievement has been volunteering at a blind orphanage in Vietnam, that opportunity was the most rewarding & gratifying experience.”


MADELINE COWE - @madelinecowe
AGE: 25
ABOUT ME: “I was raised on a cattle property in FNQ. After finishing high school I enrolled into James Cook University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Laws. I have travelled to multiple countries working and volunteering with children’s charities such as Variety, Rise against Hunger and the Tuloy Children’s Foundation Orphanage. For the last two years I have been based in Sydney where I work as a model, ambassador and presenter.”


MONICA PRZYBYLEK - @monicaprzybylek
AGE: 20
Retail Worker
ABOUT ME: “I am living in the Gold Coast currently working as a dental nurse. I've completed my first year of nursing and really enjoyed the psychology aspect of it. I have a passion for children's well being/ mental health, which is the sole reason I want to become a paediatric nurse. Fun fact - I can speak Polish fluently as it is my first language!”



ALEXANDRA DUGGAN - @alexandra.duggan
AGE: 22
OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer
ABOUT ME: “I am studying a Bachelor of Media majoring in Graphic Design. I am an advocate for the acceptance of diversity and I am driven to make a change within our society. In my spare time I love to sing, sew and occasionally surf when the weather is good!”


HANNI HOWE - @hannirose
AGE: 19
ABOUT ME: “I’m Hànni Rose Howe, my name derives from my Dutch heritage and is pronounced as Honey. I am 19 years old, an aspiring journalist and a strong advocate for women in sport. I adore playing women’s football and I am a passionate believer in equality for all, lovely to meet you!”


JESSICA DOVER - @jessicadover
AGE: 26
Teacher & Model
ABOUT ME: “I have a double degree in a Bachelor of Education and Arts. I’m currently working as a Primary school teacher, as well as a part time model. I believe no matter who you are or what you do true beauty always lies from within and that is most important of all. I hope to always be a positive role model for my students and leave a positive impression on anyone I meet.”


NICOLE COCKS - @nkcocks
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Personal Assistant & Events Coordinator
ABOUT ME: “I work full time in events and administration. I am passionate about changing the mindset of women who constantly compare themselves to others, because I believe everyone is perfectly imperfect. When I’m not at work you will find me either at a Pilates studio, walking my fur babies or drinking coffee with my friends.”



JESSIE WYNTER - @jessiereneewynter
AGE: 22
F45 Membership Manager
ABOUT ME: “I am currently studying my certificates in personal training, play Aussie rules football in the Tasmanian Women’s league, work for a hospitality company and am an ambassador for a Tasmanian based organisation called “SPEAK UP! Stay ChaTY” which works to promote positive mental health by reducing stigma and encouraging people to seek help. I am very passionate about mental health awareness and hope to one day create my own organisation that has an emphasis on the importance of not only having a healthy body but having a healthy mind. In the mean time I try my hardest to inspire and influence others to love themselves and look after their mental health.”



ARIEL RUSSELL - @arielploszaj
AGE: 18
OCCUPATION: Model & Retail Employee
ABOUT ME: “I am currently in my first year of university studying biomedical science and will be doing a major in immunity and infection in the hope to become an immunologist. In my free time you can catch me doing art and any profits made are donated to charity.”


BROOKE MCAULEY - @brookemcauley_
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Ballet Dancer & Social Media Creator
ABOUT ME: “I’m a down to earth girl who loves spending time outdoors in the sunshine. I feel most inspired when I am traveling and experiencing new cultures. I work as a freelance professional Ballet dancer as well as a social media content creator. Earlier this year I traveled to India with the ‘Growing Through Education Foundation’, to help educate communities out of poverty. Helping others is a huge passion of mine which I will always continue to put my heart and soul into.”


DANIELLE COLLIS - @danielle_collis
AGE: 25
TV Presenter & Model
ABOUT ME: “I am a Perth country girl, who relocated to beautiful Melbourne. I have a Bachelor in Business Majoring in Public Relations and have been accepted to do my masters in journalism. I LOVE sharing my voice and Presenting on matters that I am passionate about, including empowering other females and supporting Australia’s Fashion Industry. One of my greatest achievements was walking 800km across Spain in the name of my friend who suffers from Lyme Disease. I believe that life is all about balance and embracing your unique self.”


ELEANOR BAILLIEU - @ellebaillieu
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Puppy raiser for Guide Dogs
ABOUT ME: “I am a full-time Guide Dog Puppy Raiser & Guide Dogs ambassador & have worked for a global sportswear brand as a social media marketing manager as well as many events such as the Grand Prix & Virgin Australia Fashion Festival. I’ve travelled widely, living and working in London and LA, & spent time in Malawi last year helping raise funds for a reusable sanitary charity. With a passion for sport, I play local football, & have completed in triathlons, long distance open water swimming & am currently completing my BA of Communications & Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness.”


AGE: 27
Model & Double Degree in Psychology & Business
ABOUT ME: “I am a Psychology & Marketing graduate from Monash University. I was born in Croatia & came to Australia at the age of 4, after fleeing a war-torn country. I now advocate for UNHCR as this organisation helped aid my families survival. I plan to utilise my tertiary qualification along with my experience in the modelling industry to start my own fashion label - creating transeasonal, timeless pieces which women of all shapes & sizes can wear & feel super confident in.”


PRIYA SERRAO - @priyaserrao
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Policy Advisor
ABOUT ME: “I am a law graduate working as a policy adviser. I was born in India, grew up in the Middle East and moved to Australia at the age of 11. My proudest achievement is completing an internship with the United Nations Development Program in East Timor.”


TYRA MCNEILL - @tyrrra
AGE: 20
Make-up Artist
ABOUT ME: “I'm currently studying my diploma in strength and conditioning to have a meaningful career as I complete my Bachelor of International Development, where I can work in developing countries creating strategies to better peoples lives. I am extremely passionate about helping others and have volunteered for many local causes since completing high school. In my spare time catch me on the Ice rink, eating reeces pieces or accidentally killing my indoor plants.”



AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Saxophonist
ABOUT ME: “I've recently returned home to Australia after graduating from the Royal College of Music in London on Saxophone. When im not saxophone-ing you can find me locked in my study writing a plan on how to become prime minister or hunting down the best almond milk long macs in the country. Ps west coast is the best coast!”


JULIA EDWARDS - @juliaedwards____ 
AGE: 21
Model, Psychology/Marketing Student
ABOUT ME: “My entire childhood was spent living in the Northern city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Moving to Australia at the age of 12 has allowed me to pursue opportunities I never thought possible. I am now 21 years old and currently completing my final year in Psychology & Marketing as well as working as a freelance model. I find fulfilment and energy from helping and interacting with the people around me, and I hope to one day put this skill to great use by becoming a Psychologist.”


JUSTINE HERON - @justine_heron
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Childcare worker
ABOUT ME: “I’m currently working in childcare where I’ve recently finished my studies in Early Childhood Education, meaning I am now fully qualified. I was born and raised in Scotland, moving over to WA when I was just 7 years old. I hope to one day study nursing and travel around the world helping people!”


SHIVON SWEET - @shivonsweet
AGE: 22
Skin Care Consultant & Model
ABOUT ME: “I’m 22 years old & aspire to make my surname a big part of my personality. I love how modelling with @chadwickmodels has allowed me to collaborate, meet so many diverse creatives & see their visions come to life! My mental health is something I have struggled with for years. Recently I was able to find the strength to open up about my abuse as a child. Something I thought I would never achieve. Working through my trauma has been challenging, but it’s also showed me how strong I am & has been an immense help to moving forward in my life. I hope I can inspire others like myself around the world to come forward & speak up too.”