When do Registrations Open? +

Registrations typically open around October of every year.

Registrations have closed, can I still apply? +

No, you must wait until registrations open again. You can email us and register your interest for the following year and we will notify you once they are open.

Are there any height or size restrictions? +

No, we absolutely have no restrictions and encourage everyone to apply.

How do I register for Miss West Coast? +

All applicants located in Western Australia that have applied for MUA will automatically be registered in MWC as a preliminary round for Miss Universe Australia.

Has my application been submitted even though I haven’t uploaded my Dropbox images and videos? +

Yes, we receive your online application as soon as it’s submitted!

Where is the National Final show located? +

The National Final show is located at The Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Are there any age requirements? +

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to register and under the age of 28 as of the 1st of January each year.

Can I be married or have any children? +

No, contestants may not be married or pregnant. They must not have ever been married, not had a marriage annulled nor given birth to, or parented a child.

How do I get to compete for the Miss Universe Title? +

In order to compete for Miss Universe, you must be successful in becoming a State Finalist, then National Finalist and winning the Miss Universe Australia Title.

Can I enter the competiton more then once? +

Yes, we have no restriciton regarding how many times a contestant can enter for Miss Universe Australia.


How do I purchase tickets? +

When tickets are released they will be available for purchase through our website.

Do I have to get dressed up on the day? +

It is not a requirement, however we do encourage everyone to show up in their best racewear! If you are unsure of the dress code, we have a style guide available or you can browse our gallery.

Can I buy tickets at the door? +

As this is a sell out event, we do not have any tickets available for purchase on the day of either events.

How do I enter for Fashions on the Field? +

There is a registration desk located near the main stage. All registrations are taken on the day!

I bought my ticket from someone else and their name is on it. Can I still use it? +

Yes as long as the ticket has not been used before, it will still be vaild.

Royal Queensbury CHAMPIONSHIP

How do I purchase tickets? +

If you would like to purchase a table or tickets for RQCC, please email

How do I get involved in RQCC? +

Send us an email registering your interest and we will provide you with an information pack!

When does training start? +

Training starts around the end of February each year, you can view all of our RQCC dates here.

Do i need a sponsor? +

How much does training and participation cost?




Yes you do not have to be a "tradie" to register for Trade Wars. You can work for any trade and register!