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I understand the organisers reserve the right to disqualify me at any time, at their own discretion, including if I get married/pregnant during the competition, or do something to bring the competition into disrepute *
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I understand and agree that I will be photographed and filmed on all official activities and that this footage can be used by Pink Tank Events and its supporting media groups, on an ongoing basis, to promote Miss West Coast/Miss Universe Australia, or to be used on any form of media (print, digital or social) at any stage in the future. To the extent necessary, I transfer and release any rights I have over any images or footage taken of me to Pink Tank Events to be used as they see fit to promote the Miss Universe competition or its sponsors or organisers *
I give the Miss Universe Australia event promoters approval to use my image/s for promotional purposes throughout the event and for future event promotions and I release and indemnify Pink Tank Events from any liability whatsoever in relation to the use of such images *
I also understand that by ticking YES below I am committing to participating in the competition and program this year and will give it my all, and can potentially win a place as a national finalist. I have read and understand all sections of this form *
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