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The Challenge

To take Australian Tradies out of their comfort zone and provide them with an intense, physical and emotional challenge, in a safe environment, that is life changing on a multitude of levels.

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The Entertainment

It is near impossible to replicate the constant excitement; from the participants’ grand entrances to watching your colleagues and friends rise to never imagined heights. All of this in a setting worthy of an international, world-title event.


The Production Values

Pink Tank Events has the runs on the board and is well known for our ability to take events to the next level. 11years of RQCC, 10 Years with Miss Universe Australia and the launch last year of the most incredible Spring Racing Carnival in Tipple. Trade Wars will deliver all of this, and some.

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The Charity

To raise money for Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children through children’s charity ToyBox International. There is nothing like asking people to put their hands their pockets when they’ve experienced the effort put in all involved and when they are having a great time.