The training is the most important facet of this competition and we make getting motivated easy.

  • Training is an essential element for success and safety

  • The training is great fun, educational and you seriously learn how to look after yourself and move like you have never moved before

  • Everybody involved are all first timers, all a little intimidated, but all great people. Boxing is extremely leveling, who you are or where you come from doesn’t matter in the ring

  • All training expenses are included in the initial investment

  • There is a range of training sessions mixing morning and night, six days of the week, to give you a good range of classes to choose from. We recommend three to four sessions a week, plus some extra fitness outside of these times
    Fitness and nutrition programs will be provided

  • TANK BOXING training kits are provided by Pink Tank Events (includes everything you need except mouth guards, boots and groin/ breast guards)

  • The training location will be at Hurt Locker boxing gym in Claremont. We understand that this may not suit everybody so we are a little flexible and very keen to accommodate everyone’s requirements

  • And no, it doesn’t get any easier to get out of bed.